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Among Us Cheat for Steam Version (Simple CT for v2021.6.30)

Among Us Cheat for Steam Version (Simple CT for v2021.6.30)

Among Us Cheat for Steam Version (Simple CT for v2021.6.30)

Among Us Cheat for Steam Version is a Free to Download Cheat (Engine) Table for the Steam version. It has features like Imposter Hack, etc.

It can be hard to find safe to use cheats these days that do not contain malware (Which is not an issue on our website as we only post non-dangerous cheats that have been analyzed by our moderators). But cheat (engine) tables like this are open source scripts that you can just open with notepad and edit and analyze the source code yourself. By doing this you can make sure that what you downloaded does not harm your PC and is completely safe to use.

Among Us Cheat for Steam Version – Features

  • Player Sort/Imposter view
  • Imposter Vision
  • Vent Always
  • Game Settings Hacker(Lobby)

How to Use Among Us Cheat for Steam Version

You will have to download and install Cheat Engine for this but no worries if you do not know how to, just follow my simple steps and that’s it

  1. Download the Among Us Cheat for Steam
  2. A rar file will be downloaded and you will have to extract the ct file from the rar archive
  3. Download and install Cheat Engine from their official website: https://cheatengine.org
  4. Start Among Us
  5. Now that you have Cheat Engine installed, navigate to the folder where the ct is located
  6. Open it with Cheat Engine
  7. Now you can enjoy the cheat and have fun!

Developer Notes

Today I got bored, so I made Updated this.
Its a simple Cheat Engine Table for Among Us.

Build only tested on Steam v2021.6.30s.
Please dont ask me for releasing paid cheats for free. I do however take requests on


Changed some offsets for update.
Added to/fixed Player Sort (Fully Functional)

-Planned Maintenance.

Archive Password: 123