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Apex Legends Hacks Detected Free

Apex Legends NoRecoil Script [Auto Detect Weapon]

Apex Legends NoRecoil Script [Auto Detect Weapon]

As Apex Legends game becomes popular, Free Apex Legends Cheats and Hacks continue to be coded by its developers. here is a great Apex Legends No Recoil Script. Multiple resolution support also auto detect weapon in this Apex hack.This Free Apex Legends NoRecoil Script is developed with permission of Developer “sayoui001”, inspired by “Apex Legends NoRecoil Cheat Script | Nick Release” .

Known Issues for Apex Legends NoRecoil Script

  1. Random mouse freezes (never personally encountered)
  2. Recoil pattern is weird because It was copy pasted from multiple sources. (ฺ Will fixed that in future )
  3. Auto weapons detection is not accurate. ( Still working on it )
  4. Updated pattern still not perfect.
  5. To make auto fire work you must bind your secondary shoot key to 9.
  6. To disable auto fire delete the weapon pattern
  7. Havoc and Devotion does not work in secondary slot


How to use – Apex Legends NoRecoil Scriptinfo blue

Archive Password: 123