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CSGO Hack GhostAim – Vac Safe 2021

CSGO Hack GhostAim – Vac Safe 2021

I decided to release another Vac safe new hack for CSGO. This CSGO Hack GhostAim is developed by KittenPopo, PPHUD Hack developer KittenPopo continues to develop us his best cheats with safe CSGO cheats. You can use this Free CSGO Hack GhostAim with confidence.

CSGO Hack GhostAim Features:

Aim Redirection:
Curves your aim a bit towards enemies as you move your mouse

Aim Magnet Weighting:
Increases or decreases your turn speed as you aim towards or away from enemies

Shot Timing Assist:
Enhances the timing of fired shots to hit enemies more often (works great when flicking with AWP)

How to use CSGO Cheat GhostAim ?

  1. Download the file from our Cheater.Ninja site.
  2. Start MadInjector in the file as administrator.
  3. Start CS:GO.
  4. Inject GhostAim.dll and that’s it.
  5. The menu is opened with the Insert key.


Cheat Menu

Discord: KittenPopo#9336 (I’m happy to help, just be kind)

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Discord Server

Archive Password: 123