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Zero Hour Free Cheat UNDETECTED

Zero Hour Free Cheat UNDETECTED

Zero Hour Free Cheat UNDETECTED 2021

Zero Hour Free Cheat allows you to finish the game with a win in a game that focuses on two teams in which each player has their own roles. CO-OP, 5v5, team versus team, no matter which team you choose, you will always be the winner with the free zero hour cheat. The game mode will not prioritize killing all enemies and will allow a stealth approach to complete objectives. You will be able to arrest enemies in the right scenarios. You will also need to collect evidence such as weapons dropped from the enemy. Stay tuned to Cheater.Ninja for such popular game cheats.

Zero Hour Free Cheat – FEATURES

  • ENEMY AI ESP (box)
  • Distance to Enemy (label)
  • Reduced Recoil
  • Reduced Weapon Sway

HOW TO USE this Zero Hour Cheat

  1. Start Zero Hour
  2. Run SharpMonoInjector (Download here)
  3. Refresh Process
  4. Choose “izMonoHour.dll” as the assembly to inject
  5. Namespace should auto-fill (if not “izMonoHour”)
  6. Class Name: Loader
  7. Method Name: Load


  • F2 – Distance to target
  • F3 – PRO MOD
  • F4 – TRAPS
  • F5 – HOSTAGES (not functional)
  • F6 – CAMERAS
  • INSERT – Show / Hide Menu
  • DELETE – Quit Hack


  • Reduced Recoil
  • Reduced Weapon Sway
  • Infinite Stamina



Archive Password: 123